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A new way to take down Christmas Cards

This week’s favorite thing is a creative idea that our family has adapted from others we admire. Since two things I truly enjoy are Christmas and tidying up this is a perfect one for me!

The Christmas cards we receive are something we enjoy seeing, and we typically leave them strung up for longer than just the Christmas season (sometimes through March!). However, with a 15 month old who just can’t resist the temptation to pull them down one by one, we needed to do something with them. We have wanted to keep the cards throughout the year and use them in some way to help our kids practice the names of family and friends that are far away, and to pray each day for the people who have been placed in our lives. So by punching holes in one corner and a using single binder ring we can contain our Christmas cards in one spot and enjoy them throughout the year.

For help with time management, or in a space in your home, please contact All in Order by email or our website.

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