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I’m Elizabeth Edwards - a wife, mom, teacher, and business owner.  The job of organizing and working with people to bring order to their lives has been an amazing career God has called me in to.  It allows me to teach, guide, and encourage people when they are feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin.  This is a passion and love of mine: helping people to live well where they are.  


From a young age I knew putting things All in Order was something I just loved to do. What I didn’t realize was that it was a way I could help other people.  As with many girls, it began with clothes.  One afternoon I worked with my cousin to organize her drawers and closet and remember wondering why everyone thought it was such a big deal that I would tackle "that mess" with my cousin when we could have been playing.  Here is when I began to see that helping people tackle a project was more fun to do with someone that could help work through the process of tidying up and making decisions.  


Because I grew up in a family of teachers, teaching is imbedded in my life, and then became my career choice. Coincidentally, this career lends itself so well to order and organization. Order was critical within my own materials and running a classroom but even more with my students to maintain desks, teach time management, and teach structure to them.


While teaching, I began to feel called to another world of helping others with this passion of organizing and decluttering spaces with people. I decided to make a transition to the business world to pursue a calling I always had to help people in their homes to guide them in finding a way to be joyful in the spaces they live in.


To create efficiency in client’s lives, I work with them to assess what will work best for them given the "road blocks" they have identified, and what goals they have for the space and time together.  My clients find themselves empowered after sessions because they have gained control over the areas in their life that needed order and now feel a sense of freedom and accomplishment to continue towards their personal goals.

As a member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, I pursue continuing education to stay on top of industry best practices and trends and have a network of talented organizers I meet with throughout the year.



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