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Consultation fee - Complimentary (with booking)

During a consultation, All in Order meets to discuss challenges, vision,

hopes & goals, and how to best implement a plan the client feels comfortable

with to get the job done. 


Hourly rate - $75/hour (minimum 3 hour session)

The hourly rate consists of time All in Order works in the space to declutter, clean, sort items, and organize the space to make it functional according to client's goals. This also includes time spent outside of the work sessions to research appropriate materials and products to serve the client's needs. ​

   Typical job time estimates:

       - closet: 4-8 hours

       - bedroom: 8-12 hours

       - kitchen: 10-14 hours

       - garage: 8-12 hours

       - office: 16-24 (including the filing system)

* For longer jobs, ask about package rates and how they can work for your situation.


Referral Bonus

1 hour of free organizing for clients you refer who book with us.


Donation fee (Cost varies depending on amount and time for removal)

The donation fee is made available for those items that the client has found appropriate for donation, and All in Order has agreed to remove on the client's behalf.


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