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Take All in Order's Challenge of the Week: Back to School Special - Lunch Prep

Our time is precious and we always want to maximize it. And mornings can sometimes be the most stressful with being on a schedule. Planning lunches ahead in a short amount of time on the front end gives you extra time during the week. Also packing lunch for adults and kids is not only a money saver, but helps give healthier food options.

Here are some strategies to help you prepare your family's lunches more efficiently: 1. Plan your "courses" for the lunch. (Examples: sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, crackers, sweets) Then gather a container to hold each of these "courses." 2. At the beginning of each week chop all your vegetables and/or fruit and bag to easily grab each day. 3. Make sandwiches or other main course ahead of time by individually wrapping them. Depending on the main course, freeze these items to keep as fresh as possible.

To use as a possible resource:

For help planning your weeks or another space in your home, contact All in Order through FB or at

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