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Drowning in papers?

school paperwork

With school starting the papers are flooding into homes all over. Having been a teacher for many years, I know that there is a lot of information that comes to you each week, or sometimes every day. Here are some tips for you to use as you go through these papers:

1. Like mail, do it as it comes in. Sort through them when its fresh so you can see whats important, time sensitive, and then make decisions on those items.

2. You can't keep it all. Keep a few things that are significant and include your child in what that is for them.

3. Record and recycle. Record information on your calendar or set reminders to remember important dates and information and then recycle those papers. If you are concerned to throw the paper away, just snap a picture of it and then you can delete when the event is over.

For help in this area of your life or another space in your home contact All in Order to discuss how we can work together. Reach us through our website or Facebook page.

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