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Charging Stations

Our technology is amazing, but we can be overrun with the abundance of cords from phones, tablets, and other devices our family uses. Consider setting up a charging station not only to centralize all the cords but that is also attractive and gives storage too.

Things to consider:

1. Cords: How many cords do you need? Can devices share plugs?

2. Location: Where is a central location for family to access easily, but is not the center of attention for guests?

3. Type: Do you want a DIY station? Or are you wanting to purchase?

A few ideas for you:

* DIY charging station - check out: Apartment Therapy

DIY charging station

* Vertical standing storage - find similar on Amazon

vertical charging station

* Decorative charging station - This found at Urban Outfitters

decorative charging station

For help in this area of your life or another space in your home contact All in Order to discuss how we can work together. Reach us through our website, email, or Facebook page.

All in Order LLC is not endorsing any of the above suggestions for its financial gain or support.

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