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Off-Season Storage

As autumn rolls in and the leaves begin to fall we need to store our warmer season clothing to make way for sweaters, boots, and long underwear. We need effective ways to store our clothes, and accessories while having access to them and also knowing whats the best storage for preservation.

Preservation of clothing/accessories:

1. Use cedar chips or dried lavender as natural repellants. Moth balls contain chemicals which could irritate the skin and eyes.

2. You can use a cedar chest to store clothes however they can stain clothing over time so line the chest with a unbleached, undyed muslin.

3. Where to store the items?

Basement - great for moisture tolerant items (plastic toys, sports equipment)

Attic - with temperature fluctuations clothing, luggage can handle the extreme temperature changes. It is not recommended to use plastic containers, but rather a breathable canvas.

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For help in this area of your life or another space in your home contact All in Order to discuss how we can work together. Reach us through our website, email, or Facebook page.

Next week: Products to help with off-season storage.

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