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All in Order's Favorite Things - Task Timer

With many people making resolutions in the new year to be more organized, I thought it was a perfect month to share my favorite things that help me stay organized during my day. This week’s tip has to do with our time and how to use it the best we can!

A fabulous way that I have found to stay focused on my tasks is to set a timer. When we know we have a set time to complete something like putting things away, responding to emails, or folding laundry, we work harder and are more focused and do not check our phones or social media in the middle of our work time. This can be done with a kitchen timer or an awesome colorful app like 30/30 (the advantage to the 30/30 app is you can put in a few tasks at a time).

Think about your tasks such as tidying up the kitchen, putting toys away, or correspondence (work, or personal) and plan anywhere from 5-25 minutes to complete your task.

*Remember with all these tasks to build in breaks and to be realistic on how long tasks will take you. Some studies have shown that when spending more than 20-25 minutes at a task, people will not be as productive, so keep that in mind as you designate your work times. Building in breaks for yourself keeps your brain sharp and attentive.

For help with time management, or in a space in your home, please contact All in Order by email: or our website

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