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All in Order's Challenge of the Week - Back to School Special - Managing Your Schedule

Once school starts it seems to go full steam ahead into fall with various activities, sports, gatherings, and celebrations. Gaining control over your family's schedule is a huge part of having a peaceful life at home. Challenge yourself this week to come up with a system to help your home run more efficiently.

Here are All in Order's top choices for organizing your schedules:

1. Have a monthly and weekly calendar - You need to have monthly calendars for the long range planning, but having a focused look at the current week gives the family the microscope to see what they are involved in and what the family is doing each day.

2. Go electronic so your calendar can be easily shared with significant others and important family members.

3. Post it in your home - You can get as decorative or as simple as you want to show your family what the week's activities are.

3. Put all your resources together in a family command center.

To use as a possible resource:

For help with your family schedule or another space in your home, contact All in Order through FB or at

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