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Desktop To-Do Board - Staying focused while working

Hopefully my favorite things this month are helping you bring order to your life. Continuing in the vein of our productivity, this week I have to share with you a wonderful (and simple) tool to help you stay focused while working. One of our greatest disadvantages is how we have too much going on in our lives. While we are working, we often get ideas that are not directly related to what we’re working on. While working, we need to take those ideas off our mind and record them so they can be accessed easily at an appropriate time. As I shared last week, if we jump from task to task we can’t fully devote our brain to the most important task. Here is where the desktop to-do board or a similar product helps to save your work session. While working, use this to-do board or a large post-it to give you a place to record your ideas, things to do, or people to talk to without interrupting your flow of production. Depending on how or where you work most frequently, you may want to have one in the kitchen during food preparation, in the playroom when you’re with the kids, or by the computer. You can even utilize your phone or other device to set a reminder by asking Siri or Google to remind you to do something. These tools aid in getting the ideas off your mind and quickly back to the task you need to be focused on.

For help with time management, or in a space in your home, please contact All in Order by email or our website.

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