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Take All in Order's Challenge of the Week: Back to School Special - Choosing Clothes

Another possible morning stressor for families is choosing outfits each day. This week's challenge is another that can easily be helped by planning ahead. Depending on the age of your children you can have them choose their outfits on Saturday or Sunday for the week. Make sure they include: top, bottom, and socks + shoes. This works well for adults too. Selecting the shirt and tie or dress and necklace for each day can gain you 5-10 minutes every morning!

Here are a few ways to store your new organization system: 1. Use plastic drawers labeled with the days of the week. 2. Try a hanging sweater organizer with designated slots for each day. 3. Go vertical by storing the selected clothes over the door.

To use as a possible resource:…/daysoftheweekhangingorganize…

For help planning your weeks or another space in your home, contact All in Order through FB or at

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