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All in Order's Challenge of the Week - Back to School Special - Eliminating too much artwork

Now being weeks into school starting there might already be artwork flooding your home. There are creative ways to show off their masterpieces temporarily, but the question is what to do with them long term so that they do not over take your home. Try taking pictures of the works of art and creating a photo book or calendar for your children to remember their work. * A great tip is involve your kids in the process to choose what pieces are their favorites (vs. using every piece they have made).

Photo book Resource Suggestions:

1. Shutterfly (

2. Artkive (Artkive app)

3. Snapfish (

Or use your favorite photo developing company to declutter your home and preserve your child's favorite pieces.

For help with artwork and children's storage or another space in your home, contact All in Order through FB or at

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