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Take All in Order's Challenge of the Week: Preparing Holiday Shopping - Who to shop for

Even though it is just a few days into October, this is still the greatest time to prepare for all your holiday shopping. This week begin by simply thinking about who you need to shop for.

Think in categories: family, friends, service people, teachers and other family support. By putting together a simple list you can begin to brainstorm what gifts are appropriate for each person. Take this week to gather the names with a few possible gift ideas for each.

Once you've created your categories and have the names in each, budget an amount to spend for each person and/or category. Taking this week's challenge will help you to not rush and just buy the first thing you see on an endcap at a store or on Amazon!

For help with preparing holiday shopping, budgeting or another space in your home, contact All in Order through FB or at

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