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Take All in Order’s Challenge of the Week: Preparing Holiday Shopping - Planning where to shop: sto

Your challenge this week is to decide how you will spend your time holiday shopping. Since you created your budget last week, you have a better sense of where you need to spend your money and most importantly how much. As you look over your “Holiday Shopping List” decide how to purchase these items. Consider the following things when choosing how to shop:

  1. Creativity comes when you’re out shopping in a store and can see a display or a few items throughout your shop that might combine to make the gift.

  2. If you know a specific item you want to buy for someone online might be the way to go for this item because of the ease of price comparison.

  3. Think about your time and after decide which gifts need to be purchased at a store. Then plan your outings to maximize your outings.

Online Pros: most flexible with time because it can be done anywhere anytime, no pushy sales clerks, saves gas and driving around town, able to read reviews from other shoppers, and can easily compare prices.

Online Cons: spend more because of all the options, aren’t able to assess quality as easily, delivery can be uncertain/unpredictable, colors and textures can be different than they appeared in photographs.

For help with preparing holiday shopping or another space in your home, contact All in Order through FB or at

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