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All in Order Challenge of the Week: Planning Thanksgiving

Halloween being a distant memory, its time to move on to the busyness of the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving preparation. Planning your menu and shopping list is the first step in getting ready for the big meal. Here are a few things to consider when planning your meal: 1. How many people will be in attendance? (see resource for "How much to serve" below) 2. Are there any allergies to consider? 3. What courses do you want to include? Think through the following courses and what you would like to serve. - Protein: Turkey or other protein - Side dishes: sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing etc. - vegetables: green beans, corn etc. - other: bread, cranberries etc. How many dishes depends on how many people will be in attendance and preference of what to serve at your Thanksgiving.

For help with the holidays in your home, contact All in Order through FB or at Photo courtesy of:…/how-much-to-serve-for-your-…/

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