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Homework Station Organized in 3 Easy Steps

Sadly another summer comes to a close with Labor Day now behind us. With school back in session homework becomes a hot topic in conversations weekly for kids, and parents. To help ease homework assignments in your home try setting up a homework station.

All in Order Challenge of the week - Setting up a homework station:

1. Designate a central location in the home for homework to be completed. Possibly kitchen table (for while dinner is being cooked so an adult is available for help).

2. Pull together necessary supplies to complete homework successfully: pencils, post-it's, highlighters, paper, erasers, and coloring utensils.

3. Establish a location for important school papers: papers to sign, lunch calendars, and classroom information. Try using a cork board or magazine organizer (with files) so your kids know where to put away papers upon returning home.

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