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3 Steps for Successful Mornings

Whether you are trying to get a family out the door to school or yourself to work it can be a challenge with all there is to do. Sometimes one of our biggest challenges is just that we have loaded too much into our schedule that we aren't able to be successful.

All in Order Challenge of the Week: Make Your Mornings Easy

1. Write down what must be done for everyone to get out the door for school or work (think about everything: lunches, dressed, bags packed, breakfast, etc.).

2. Take your list and separate into what must be done in the morning and what could be done earlier. Here is where you find some freedom and flexibility.

3. Looking at your two lists you see that not everything has to be done in the morning. Take the list of items that could be done earlier and rework evenings so that it happens the night before or is planned into the week to help ease your morning hustle.


Lunches - make the night before from leftovers or put together sandwiches and snacks. Check out our post from last fall!

Prep Breakfast - On Sunday make a breakfast that can last a few days for your family to heat up quickly: oatmeal, breakfast casseroles, bacon, scrambled eggs.

Clothing - Its always hard to decide what to wear for adults and kids. On Sunday pull your and family members outfits for the week. Check out our post from last fall!

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For help with a space in your life contact All in Order via Facebook or their website.

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